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Group Benefits

In today’s business world, providing employee health benefits is a vital element to retaining your most valued asset, your employees. Yes, the rising cost of health insurance places a huge impact on your bottom line. Now is the time to let sdp assist you with a FREE health care analysis.

Custom designed health insurance benefits
Our specialists will assist you by creating a custom designed benefits package that will provide the coverage your employees deserve with a cost factor that your company can manage; truly a win-win for all involved.

Here’s just a sampling of what we offer:

  • Wide variety of coverage: Doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospitalization, tests, and most importantly... preventative care. We get regular oil changes on our cars, why not place the same importance on our bodies?
  • Dependent's coverage: Don’t forget loved ones are covered as well, such as: spouse and children.
  • Travel coverage: Making sure employees are covered during business travel, as well as during their vacations.
  • Tax advantages: Health Savings Accounts. Tax-free contributions, which earn interest tax-free, are available with certain plans. Let us assist you with making the right choice for your company and employees.