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Pre-Employment Screening

Background Checks... The Smart Thing to Do!
Employers who conduct background screening greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire. Additionally, it is important that you protect your employees and clients from sex and violent offenders. Background screening sends a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about safety.

Do you know who you are hiring?
  • 50% of all resumes and applications contain false information.
  • 33% of all business failures are due to employee theft.
  • 18% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace.

Nationwide Criminal Database
A powerful multi-jurisdictional search of our state and county criminal records' databases quickly returns offender information in a condensed easy to comprehend format. Multi-State sex and violent offenders, OFAC, FBI and Propriety Data are available in various packages.

Searches Available:

  • Criminal
  • SSN Validation & Address Tracker
  • Employment Credit Report
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • National Medical Check for Medical