Southland Data Processing - Complete Employer Solutions


sdp offers complete employer solutions for all types of businesses, supported by dedicated Payroll Specialists since 1986. We still practice the importance of customer service by answering the phone. By being reachable to our partners, we are able to assist them in managing their payroll process.

Flexible Payroll Management and Submission of Payroll Data:
Each business is unique; we provide different options that allow you flexibility to manage your payroll process.

Submit Payroll by Phone, Fax, or Internet/Web

Submit data directly to your Payroll Specialist with our PayEntry Online Program. Click here to schedule a free online demo of our online payroll program.

Key features - See our Effective Date Driven System:

  • Enter in Salary/Rate change TODAY effective any future date.
  • Enter new Health Premiums TODAY effective any future date.
  • Enter new Tax Exemptions changes TODAY effective any future date.
  • Learn how you can manage your employee data such as reviews, skills, incident or events with our personnel system built into the payroll program.

Employment Tax Payment Guarantee
sdp will manage the entire employment tax payment and filing for your business and deal directly with the tax agencies. Have peace of mind with the guarantee that sdp will manage this process.

Direct Deposit
Employees have pay options through sdp, direct deposit or traditional paper check. Direct deposit provides efficiency in your organization by removing the necessity of check reconciliation. Like employers, employees appreciate the convenience and security of direct deposit. Employees can choose to have all their wages deposited into one bank account, or split the funds between a personal account, a savings, or household account. Multiple bank accounts are also available or a payroll debit card.

Third Party Check Generation
sdp can simplify the process in making third party check payment. We create garnishment, 401K and group insurance checks and supporting documents.